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  • Increases your sales & profits
  • Specialists in non-prime credit & bankruptcies
  • Boosts your service contract sales
  • Over 30+ years of Marine & RV loan experience
  • Full-service finance department
  • Deliver Boats/RVs easily with fast loan approvals
  • MCF will make you more money & save you time

Marine Coast Financial was founded by Michelle Folsom. Michelle and her team have worked in the recreational retail financing industry for over 30+ years. The MCF team takes a hands-on approach to work with marine and RV dealerships and having direct interaction with the customers and the lenders. Given the current economic climate, we know that every customer counts and many have credit issues and even bankruptcies. We specialize in these challenging customers and realize that our dealers rely on MCF for all their financing needs. This allows dealerships to avoid paying the high cost of an “in-house” finance manager. We work closely with our recreational dealers to provide their customers with the most affordable financing available. Customer service is our passion and it’s what separates us from the competition.

In order to achieve and maintain great customer service, we take a personal approach to retail financing. We operate with a limited number of dealers to ensure we can deliver our full and immediate attention to get your loan processed and approved. We concentrate on each individual customer and their needs. MCF will be there for you before, during, and after your purchase. We are committed to helping you grow your business and supporting your success!

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MCF has a variety of different means to protect your investment beyond just the factory warranty and we can connect you with the finest and most competitive insurance rates in the nation.


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